CPC vs CPM vs Popup Ads

Differences Between Different Types of Online Advertising Models like:

  1. CPC: CPC Means Cost Per Click and here advertisers are required to pay for every click which the user is clicking on the ads.                                             Benefits: This role model works very fine where the user want to have narrow targeting audience.  Here the Publisher could earn huge money through advertising
  2. CPM: CPM means Cost Per Mile which basically means users are required to pay for every 1000 impressions.                                                                 Benefits: It is best as it is used for Creating The Banner Of The Company. Here less amount of money could be earned.
  3. Popup Ads: It means When the website will be opened along with other page will also open.                                                                                            Benefits: It simply open other website window and the user is forced to see it.  Moderate level of money could be earned.

Revenue Model Earned by Publisher

CPc > Popup Ads > CPM